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Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F

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Jul 19, 2024

Beverly Hills Cop Series Episode 4

Anyone else burning to do a Neutron Dance Challenge on TikTok?

Eddie Murphy is back to being a Beverly Hills Cop 40 years after the original so that he can rescue old friend Judge Reinhold from a drug cartel run by Kevin Bacon. Should the Detroit detective also use his time in town to mend fences with estranged daughter Taylour Paige (Zola), and get her back together with new sidekick Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Or will Foley stay put now that John Ashton runs the posh precinct, and Bronson Pinchot can get him a good price on a tacky mansion?  Find out how well Axel F plays on Netflix in 2024 when you Donate Today!

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Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F

Detective Axel Foley is back on the beat in Beverly Hills. After his daughter Jane’s life is threatened, she and Foley team up with a new partner and old pals Billy Rosewood and John Taggart to turn up the heat…


An unprecedented series of violent tornadoes is sweeping across Oklahoma. Tornado chasers, headed by Dr. Jo Harding, attempt to release a groundbreaking device that will allow them to track them and create a more advanced warning system. They are joined…


In 1980s Hollywood, adult film star and aspiring actress Maxine Minx finally gets her big break. But as a mysterious killer stalks the starlets of Hollywood, a trail of blood threatens to reveal her sinister past.

Speed 2: Cruise Control

A disgruntled former employee hijacks the Seabourn Legend cruise liner. Set on a fixed course, without any means of communication and at the mercy of the hijacker, it’s up to the one cop on vacation, and his soon to be…

A Quiet Place: Day One

A prequel detailing the origin of the creatures in “A Quiet Place.”


Jack Traven, an LAPD cop on SWAT detail, and veteran SWAT officer Harry Temple thwart an extortionist-bomber’s scheme for a $3 million ransom. As they corner the bomber, he flees and detonates a bomb vest, seemingly killing himself. Weeks later, Jack…

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

An American bartender and his prostitute girlfriend go on a road trip through the Mexican underworld to collect a $1 million bounty on the head of a dead gigolo.


Trapped on her family’s isolated farm, Pearl must tend to her ailing father under the bitter and overbearing watch of her devout mother. Lusting for a glamorous life like she’s seen in the movies, Pearl’s ambitions, temptations, and repressions collide.

Storm of the Century

A dangerous blizzard hits an isolated town and brings along a mysterious stranger intent on terrorizing people for his own desires.

  • Jun 25, 2024

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