September 7, 2023

What We’re Watching: September 8, 2023


Prepping for Saw X I have started a full Saw rewatch. I’m up to Saw III which may be the most dramatically satisfying and gut-churning (the rotten pigs get a physical reaction from me, but the sound of the drill bit tapping the skull makes me shudder). Yet Saw III suffers from being too long, the unrated cut being about two hours. The original Saw has the best pacing so far, though you can tell clearly it was a short-film padded to feature length. Saw II is still the weak link in the chain, yet so vital in setting up things that will be referenced for movies to come.  All this said, I’m having a good time rewatching movies I haven’t seen since 2017 when I was prepping for Jigsaw.


My girls and I tried out the new live-action One Piece series on Netflix. It wasn’t really our thing. But I was able to pivot their love for anime to get them to try out Cowboy Bebop (the original 1998 series, not the live-action Netflix catastrophe). Despite it being “too old”, they’ve come around to embrace it. It has been a fun revist for me as well. It is the perfect blend of sci-fi, kung fu, noir, and westerns with episodes regularly hitting hard emotionally. We’re looking forward to finishing the rest and moving on to its 2001 theatrical film.


Comedies aren’t going to land with everyone, but I feel that the human collective agrees with me when I say The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear is one big RECOMMEND. It’s been 33 years since I sat in the theater and watched Leslie Nielsen’s Frank Drebin tell Robert Goulet, “I’ve been dating too, nice girl, an author. She wrote the book on male sexual dysfunction, you’ve probably read it.” I’m cracking up just writing that. I could go into the plot — some business about keeping the fossil fuel industry on top and squelching a bunch of progressive environmental reforms in Washington. Hmmmm, that sounds familiar. Anyway, Nielsen kills. Priscilla Presley kills. Robert Goulet kills. O.J. Simpson, ummm, kills. It holds up, it makes me laugh, I’m gonna watch another one.


I’ve been on a big Clint Eastwood movie binge this week, checking out some of his movies I’d never seen, and one I’d seen many times but is one of my favourites of all time. I ended up watching:

Any Which Way You Can – A fun, if very broad, comedic vehicle that felt more like a Burt Reynolds film than something Clint would star in.
The RookieThis has every cop movie cliche in the book, but is still enjoyable and any time you have the late, great Raul Julia playing your main bad guy, it can’t be all bad.
Pink Cadillac – Pretty forgettable, quite unpleasant at times and just not funny in the slightest. The only thing of interest is seeing a young Jim Carrey pop up in a cameo in one scene.
UnforgivenHands down, one of the best films I’ve ever seen, never get sick of revisiting this. Acting, writing and direction are all incredible. If you’ve never seen this, I could not recommend this western masterpiece highly enough.


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