February 23, 2024

If You Liked That, You’ll Love This: Timecrimes (2007)

Just like the “Because You Watched…” lane that pops up on your favorite streaming service, Now Playing Podcast wants to help you find the perfect companion flicks. Each week, contributor Chris Bravo brings you fresh recommends that tie in with one of our reviews.

It’s no secret that the new Madame Web movie has major flaws, and it’s hard to call anyone a legitimate fan of the film. However, amidst its shortcomings, there might be a few enthusiasts who appreciate the character of Madame Web—a time-traveling, multidimensional Spider-person navigating the complexities of time and space. This recommendation is for those fans.

Madame Web’s origin story depicts a regular, non-superpowered woman discovering her ability to traverse time and exist in multiple places simultaneously. If you’re intrigued by such themes, I suggest exploring another, more compelling story about the discovery of time travel: Timecrimes (2007). Directed by Nacho Vigalondo, this Spanish film follows the intriguing journey of a middle-aged husband stumbling upon a lab experimenting with time-travel machines, leading to a series of captivating and unexpected events.

Timecrimes offers a blend of dark comedy, violent chase sequences, and profound philosophical musings on the consequences of time travel and fate. It’s an entertaining exploration that prompts contemplation: What would you do if you suddenly gained the ability to jump through time? How far would you go to ensure your survival? These questions make Timecrimes a captivating sci-fi movie, providing a unique experience, perhaps more so than Madame Web, which entertains for different reasons. For those seeking a thought-provoking and enjoyable journey through the intricacies of time, Timecrimes is a solid recommendation.

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