January 2, 2024

Now Playing’s Most Anticipated Movies of 2024

It’s a new year, and the Now Playing Podcast crew is looking ahead to their most anticipated movies of 2024.

Here’s what we’re hyped for.

Arnie: If there’s only one movie I could see in theaters in 2024, it would be Furiosa. I cannot wait for that film to come out. Mad Max: Fury Road surprised me, and it’s hard to believe that it came out nine years ago! Its adrenalizing action, car chases that put every Fast and Furious movie to shame, and general style blew me away. To see George Miller (now 78 years old) come back again for this prequel already has my blood pumping. The trailer looks a little CGI-heavy, but I cannot wait to buy my ticket and see what this master of style can accomplish again.

Stuart: The childhood favorite Alien will celebrate its 45th anniversary with two exciting 2024 projects. First, writer/director Fede Alvarez (Don’t Breathe) will hatch facehuggers on the spaceship Romulus late in the summer movie season. It’s already been screened and endorsed by creator Ridley Scott. Perhaps even more mysterious and promising is an Alien TV series spearheaded by Noah Hawley, who actually improved upon Fargo when he brought that film to FX. While I’m skeptical either project will say anything new about xenomorphs, it would just be nice to be able to recommend a franchise installment for the first time in decades.

Brock: While there are plenty of sequels that are catching my attention in 2024 like Joker: Folie à Deux, Inside Out 2, Deadpool 3 and Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, the movie I am most looking forward to is The Fall Guy, starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt. While I was never a viewer of the 1980s TV show, this movie is a must-see in theaters to watch what promises to be great practical stunt work on as large a screen as possible.

Jakob: I’m very excited to see George Miller continue one of my favorite franchises with Furiosa. However, there is one film able to surpass my anticipation for Miller’s diesel punk madness. Robert Eggers has captivated me since his debut film, The VVitch, and I’ve been waiting years for his vision of Nosferatu. The silent picture and Werner Herzog’s 70s remake are my favorite takes on Dracula and I look forward to Eggers’ vision for the vampire’s gothic pining for love.

Heath: I know there’s a huge chance it will turn out to be terrible, but Beetlejuice 2 is my pick, if only to see Michael Keaton again in that iconic role. It will be hard to recapture the magic of the original 36 years later and by my count Tim Burton has not made many good movies in the last 20 years, but either way I will be fascinated to see what the end result is. Whatever the film ends up being, I’m sure Keaton will make it worth a watch.

Jason: Five words: The mother-freakin Fall Guy. I don’t know when they hand out awards for trailers, but David Leitch’s actioner is the clear front runner in 2024, and I’m doing my best not to get overhyped. The real draw for me is Ryan Gosling, one of my favorite movie stars and an underrated comedic talent. This one is positioned to be a franchise-starter, and I’m already dreaming of a Fall Guy 2: Fall Harder and many more.

Santiago: My most anticipated film is Robert Eggers’ take on Nosferatu. Eggers still hasn’t missed in my book and Nosferatu is the kind of material he can sink his teeth into and make something I hope is really memorable. Also, while his work may not always be my cup of tea, Luca Guadagnino’s Challengers looks to be one of the more interesting films of the year, if the trailer is anything to go by.

Chris: I said it last year, so why should I change my mind now? Dune: Part Two is still my most anticipated movie of the next year. Dune is one of my favorite sci-fi novels of all time, and Villeneuve is one my favorite working directors right now. I’m hoping he can really bring home the rest of the story in this second part.






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