King Kong vs. Godzilla

The two mightiest monsters of all time! In the most colossal conflict the screen has ever known!

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Jan 07, 2020

King Kong Series Episode 3

Not another boring science show!

Don’t panic! King Kong has broken free of his American handlers and heads to Japan for fisticuffs with local lizard Godzilla.  Should Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob drop a nuke on these two iconic monsters to stop them from soiling their cinematic reputations?  Or did the big ape need this childish, man-in-rubber-suit cage match to make him relevant 30 years after his embarrassing tumble from the Empire State Building? Chill out with some cigarettes and soma berries, slip on the headphones, and find out when you Listen Now!

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Movie Details

King Kong
Ishirō Honda, Thomas Montgomery
1 h 31 min
Release Date
26 June 1963
Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
US version. The re-edited John Beck version of the film: released outside of Japan and restructured with new footage of American actors centering around a news report plot not present in the original. Eric Carter of United Nation News is joined by Dr. Arnold Johnson as a prehistoric monster emerges from hibernation while a pharmaceutical company seeks publicity with their own monster.

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