November 21, 2017

New Podcast: Now Playing — Justice League – Extended Cut for Patrons

Hosted by Jakob Conkling, Stuart Atkinson, and Arnie Carvalho

How does a DC Comics super-team come together when the Man of Steel is dead, Batman is suicidal, Wonder Woman won’t lead, and the most promising recruits are an aloof Merman, a renegade robot, and a neurotic runner who’d rather eat than fight?  It will take the Classic Rock threat of Steppenwolf, reuniting with the Mother Boxes of Invention, to unify this Justice League.  But is there any hope for Recommendations from Stuart, Jakob, and Arnie when the clashing visions of director Zack Snyder and last minute replacement Joss Whedon create such a chaotic production?  Find out who wins and loses when you listen now!

This is an special release only for Now Playing Patrons pledging $10 or more. This version of the show has over 30 minutes not included in the regular release! Sign up to be a Now Playing patron now and get this extended review as well as bonus and exclusive review podcasts! 

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  1. JusticeLeague

    Amazing film, it was like reading a comic book. The character development was amazing and a lot was going on, but it didn’t feel rushed at all. Also, there’s a lot more humor in this one than the other dc films, but didn’t feel forced. What I did not like is that the movie’s length was very less. I would have been very very much happy if it was full 3 hours or more. Superman is finally done right. The best DCEU movie.

    Great movie! Very entertaining!

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