August 24, 2022

Everything Coming to Now Playing Podcast In September 2022

Arnold and Addams. It’s a natural pair, so Now Playing Podcast is going all in on Hollywood’s greatest action star and the mysterious and spooky (and all together ooky) family in September, with nine all-new episodes for your listening pleasure.

The month sees hosts Arnie, Stuart, and Brock continuing their retrospective of Arnold Schwarzenegger action films on the main feed, with reviews of Red Heat, Last Action Hero, True Lies, and Eraser. The loose collection of Schwarzenegger entries – none of them sequels, though surely the filmmakers had hope – began with the August 23 review of Commando and will continue into October with more of the star’s late 90s/early 2000s action films.

Meanwhile, the 2022/23 Fall/Winter Donation Drive is underway, and Now Playing Podcast Silver Level supporters will be treated to a retrospective that spotlights the aforementioned Addams Family and their 1990s trilogy of films – two of them theatrical and one that went straight to video in 1998.

There’s also a new entry in the Jeepers Creepers retrospective, currently set for release in September; and a listener-supported review of Roman Polanski’s 1999 horror-thriller The Ninth Gate. That review is available to monthly patrons of $10 or more. Those that support the patron campaign will also unlock a vault of exclusives – dozens of monthly reviews that have been released over the years.

Here’s everything coming to Now Playing Podcast in September 2022:

September 2 – The Addams Family (1991)

September 6 – Red Heat

September 9 – Addams Family Values

September 13 – Last Action Hero

September 16 – Addams Family Reunion

September 20 – True Lies

September 23 – The Ninth Gate

September 27 – Eraser

September 30 – Jeepers Creepers: Reborn

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