December 19, 2013

Sideshow has two Premium Pre-Orders for the Marvel fans!

Sideshow has two Premium Pre-Orders for the Marvel fans!
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Quite an expensive day to be a fan of Marvel statues as Sideshow has not one but TWO pre-orders today.

First, for the Captain America comics fan, is the Premium Format Red Skull statue.  A perfect companion piece to the Captain America (put up for pre-order Nov 7, exclusive edition still available) this Red Skull stands with his gun cocked and ready.  He has an incredibly detailed suit and leather coat that is an awesome blend of comic-style with real-world fashion.  It has a flair of Axis World War II military outfits, tying the Red Skull statue very closely with his WWII origins.

More, if you order the Exclusive Edition of the Red Skull you get a swap-out head showing a more classic comic Red Skull portrait with the full eyebrows!  Truthfully the exclusive edition is a must-have for this piece and will make many fans order early, so if you want yours get it now–swap-out heads often double in price on eBay.

This Red Skull stands 21-inches tall and is scheduled to ship in September, 2014.


Also available today is the first statue in Sideshow’s 1/4 scale Iron Man movie line.  These maquettes are the same scale as Sideshow’s Premium Format figures to display well together, and the new Iron Man pieces will assemble perfectly with any other Sideshow Avengers statues you may own.  It’s unclear how deep this line of statues will go (if they do the entire House Party Protocol the price could exceed that of many small cars) but their first offering is up and it’s The Iron Patriot armor from Iron Man 3.

Iron Patriot stands 22-inches tall, a high gloss paint application, and a switch-out head with a realistic Don Cheadle face.  It’s truly a collectible worth saluting, and ships next December (yes, in 2014)

Are you ordering just one, both, or neither?  Let us know in the comments below!

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