October 11, 2021

Seasonal Donation Podcasts – New System Coming Soon

Seasonal Donation Podcasts – New System Coming Soon
Coming soon:  an entirely new, simplified, and universal method for our listeners to access their donation drive podcasts.
That should come as great news…but there is a downside. At the moment, all seasonal download shows are temporarily offline.
(By “Seasonal Donation” we mean any podcasts received by making a donation directly to us via Paypal during one of our Spring or Fall donation drives.  Any shows received from Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Patreon are 100% unaffected and will continue to be delivered as they have been)
About six months ago we envisioned an entirely new way for Seasonal Donors to receive their podcasts. This would be one single RSS feed that is customized to you containing all shows for which you donated. It also would have one single web page with all the donation shows listed. Finally, the RSS feed will be global, working with any podcast software that allows you to enter a custom RSS feed.
Unfortunately, two weeks ago hackers invaded our site and deleted files.   (Don’t worry, they only deleted our software. We don’t keep any personal or financial information so there was nothing there that would impact you personally).   We thought we had it fixed last week; we did not.

We thought the new Donor series would start its launch today but, alas, bugs were found.  It is 98% ready, though.

Unfortunately getting a decade’s worth of donations is going to take a lot of time.  We are working backward, starting with the Fall/Winter ’21/’22 donation drive, and will eventually work our way back to donors from 2016.  Due to the amount of work involved, only those who have donated in the past five years (Spring 2016 – current) will be able to use the new system.

So depending on when your last donation was, you will be emailed with totally new information on how to access your bonus podcasts.  We hope Fall/Winter ’21/’22 to go out by Wednesday, Spring/Summer ’21 later this week, and working backward from there as we can.
The site will initially have only the most recent podcasts, but over the span of the next several weeks, more podcasts will be added to your page until it is a complete library for every Seasonal Drive for which you donated.

Please keep an eye on your spam folder as it seems our emails have a propensity to go straight to spam.  Hopefully, you will get it before then.

Also if you are a member of our Facebook Listener Group, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our In Focus Newsletter we will post updates as we bring new series back online, so you’ll know when to check your spam folder.  Also, this page will be updated with a list of donation drives brought back online.

So thank you for your patience as we work through this problem, but just know the downtime will be rewarded with a much better way to get the podcasts we happily made as a “Thank You” for supporting our site.

If you have any questions please email us at show@nowplayingpodcast.com

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