October 23, 2015

Pulp Fiction – A Podcast Skit and Preview

Pulp Fiction – A Podcast Skit and Preview

Reservoir Dogs made Quentin Tarantino a press darling and an indie film star, but the question remained if he was a one hit wonder. That question would be answered in 1994 with his second film Pulp Fiction. The movie resurrected the career of John Travolta, while catapulting his co-stars to A-list status. It won Tarantino (and his co-writer) an Academy Award. To many, this is still considered his best film. But is it? Donate to support the show Now Playing does week after week, and get this bonus Thank You series to find out!

Arnie C: http://traffic.libsyn.com/nowplayingpodcast/NPPQT04-PulpFiction-TEASE.mp3


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