January 7, 2016

Pre-Order Alert: Two new Premium Format statues from Sideshow – Hulk and Dark Phoenix!

Pre-Order Alert: Two new Premium Format statues from Sideshow – Hulk and Dark Phoenix!



Like a super-villain attacking your wallet, Sideshow Collectibles has just put up for order two new Premium Format Figures:  Jean Gray’s Dark Phoenix and Hulk from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

These two statues are incredibly detailed, gorgeous pieces. But each carries with it a Hulk-sized price tag.

marvel-dark-pheonix-premium-format-3001481-02At $500 each, my number of Premium Format statue purchases will go down.  That said, I love, and I’ve already ordered, the Dark Phoenix statue. With her fiery base and the exclusive Jean Gray swappable head, plus such an iconic character from what is arguably Claremont’s best story arc, this one is (barely) worth the price.

However, I have to go the other way on the Hulk. It was the movie-themed Premium Formats that got me into Sideshow Premium Format Figures to begin with. Black Widow, Captain America, and even the Avengers Hulk Maquette were all amazing. However, this new Hulk is $750 — $100 more than the Avengers Hulk, and $200 more than the (still up for pre-order) comic-based Hulk Premium Format Figure announced last year.

I will admit, I could have been swayed into buying this Age of Ultron Hulk if, like Phoenix, the exclusive piece was amazing. Perhaps if they included a red-eyed Rampaging Hulk head, or a hand holding a piece of Iron Man armor. But no, the exclusive piece isn’t a must-have; to me it’s actually a turn-off. avengers-age-of-ultron-hulk-maquette-4002681-01

Hearkening back to the exclusive Legendary Scale Busts of previous years, this Hulk’s exclusive piece is a… nameplate. Now, I know I can choose not to display this piece since I already know who this character is, but it’s certainly not an enticement to pre-order.

I may still get Hulk pre-ordered once edition sizes are announced, but unless the edition size is 500 or less for the regular edition, I’ll be holding off and hoping for a Spooktacular deal on this overpriced piece in October, 2017.

I always appreciate anyone who’s ordering from Sideshow using our links and supporting Marvelicious Toys, but I find it hard to endorse a $750 version of a character (that MarvelToyNews.com pointed out…it looks like he’s bowling).

You can pre-order (and flex pay, as I did on Phoenix) both of these statues now:

Jean Gray’s Dark Phoenix

Hulk from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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