June 25, 2015

Pre-Order Alert: Sideshow EXCLUSIVE Wolverine – Premium Format Figure

Pre-Order Alert: Sideshow EXCLUSIVE Wolverine – Premium Format Figure




Sideshow is the best there is at what they do…and what they do is make incredibly detailed quarter-scale statues!

The next offer from Sideshow is the Premium Format Wolverine!  This statue goes back to the character’s first solo series — the Japan saga by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, a longtime fan favorite story that defined the character for decades and even inspired the movie The Wolverine.

This Sideshow statue shows Logan atop a snow-capped bridge that is riddled by enemy arrow-fire.  With the base this short X-Man stands 20-inches tall!

The statue also comes with swappable heads so you can display him masked or unmasked, both with fierce, feral expressions.  And if you hurry to get Sideshow’s Exclusive Edition you can swap his right hand as well – show him with adamantium claws drawn or with the exclusive Muramasa Blade accessory!

You can check out detailed 360-degree photos, close-ups and more at Sideshow’s site, so go check it out!  (And if your wallet has a mutant healing factor, place your order!)

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