True Romance

Stealing, Cheating, Killing. Who said romance was dead?

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Oct 02, 2015

Quention Tarantino Series Episode 2

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True Romance isn’t directed by Quentin Tarantino, but it was his first script and the tale of two young lovers on the run from the mafia bears many similarities to Reservoir Dogs, Natural Born Killers and Pulp Fiction. With Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop II director Tony Scott behind the show, and a star-studded cast, how does this 1993 film compare to Tarantino’s own films? Thanks to your donation to Now Playing Podcast you can listen and find out!

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Movie Details

Quentin Tarantino
Original Title
True Romance
True Romance
Tony Scott
Gary Barber, Samuel Hadida, Steve Perry, Bill Unger
Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Michael Rapaport, Bronson Pinchot, Gary Oldman, Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken, Brad Pitt, Tom Sizemore, Samuel L. Jackson, Saul Rubinek, James Gandolfini, Frank Adonis, Paul Bates, Val Kilmer, Chris Penn, Anna Levine, Eric Allan Kramer, Conchata Ferrell, Victor Argo, Said Faraj, Gregory Sporleder, Maria Pitillo, Kevin Corrigan, Paul Ben-Victor, Michael Beach, Joe D'Angerio, John Bower, John Cenatiempo, Patrick John Hurley, Dennis Garber, Scott Evers, Hilary Klym, Steve Gonzales, Laurence Mason, David Dean, April Freeman, Ed Lauter, Enzo Rossi, Nancy Young
2 h 00 min
Release Date
9 September 1993
Action, Thriller, Crime, Romance
Clarence marries hooker Alabama, steals cocaine from her pimp, and tries to sell it in Hollywood, while the owners of the coke try to reclaim it.

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