A world inside the computer where man has never been. Until now.

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Dec 03, 2010

Tron Series Episode 1

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Light Cycles. Neon Frisbees. Arcade games. These are the iconic and nostalgic images that come to mind when you think of Tron, Disney’s ‘ahead of its time’ 1982 cult classic that had Jeff Bridges as a cyberspace messiah almost 20 years before Keanu Reeves as Neo. With the upcoming sequel, Tron Legacy, being released in theaters, Disney is banking on viewer nostalgia, but beyond those images how well do you remember Tron? Disney is intentionally downplaying the original film, so to ensure your memory meets all system requirements for Tron Legacy, boot up this episode of Now Playing with Arnie, Brock, and Jakob! Is Tron an unappreciated classic that audiences should replay or are our hosts just waiting for the game over screen? Listen in and find out!

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Movie Details

Steven Lisberger
1 h 36 min
Release Date
9 July 1982
Science Fiction, Action, Adventure
As Kevin Flynn searches for proof that he invented a hit video game, he is 'digitized' by a laser and finds himself inside 'The Grid', where programs suffer under the tyrannical rule of the Master Control Program (MCP). With the help of a security program called 'TRON', Flynn seeks to free The Grid from the MCP.

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