Tremors 5: Bloodlines

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Oct 13, 2020

Tremors Series Episode 5

How To Eat Fried Worms

Monster hunter Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) traces the Bloodlines of his subterranean nemesis all the way back to a slimy cave in Africa in the safari-minded sequel Tremors 5. How much bigger and badder has Graboid evolution become on the Dark Continent, with the introduction of nocturnal Ass Blasters and detachable snake tentacles? And what kind of relationship does the cranky survivalist hope to forge with flamboyant new cameraman Jamie Kennedy (Scream)? Go off the grid with Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart and find out now!

Explicit: This is an uncensored podcast which may contain strong language and adult content that is not appropriate for all ages.

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Movie Details

Original Title
Tremors 5: Bloodlines
Tremors 5: Bloodlines
Don Michael Paul
Ogden Gavanski
Michael Gross, Jamie Kennedy, Pearl Thusi, Rea Rangaka, Brandon Auret, Nolitha Zulu, Daniel Janks, Sello Sebotsane, Ian Roberts, Natalie Becker, Lawrence Joffe, Zak Hendrikz, Ernest Ndhlovu, Emmanuel Castis
1 h 39 min
Release Date
6 October 2015
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction
The giant, man-eating Graboids are back and even deadlier than before, terrorizing the inhabitants of a South African wildlife reserve as they attack from below-and above.

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