Tomorrow Never Dies

Yesterday is a memory. Today is history. Tomorrow is in the hands of one man.

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Nov 06, 2012

James Bond Series Episode 20

We’ll podcast anything these days

Bond has taken on evil in many forms, from expansionist communist regimes to maniacal villains who wish to destroy Earth, but can Bond take on the villain of the 90s–the media? In Brosnan’s second film playing 007, he goes against Elliot Carver who hopes to foster a war between England and China to raise the ratings of his cable news network. The film has kung-fu, a helicopter chase, and a remote-controlled BMW, but is it Bond at his best? Listen to find out!

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Movie Details

James Bond
Roger Spottiswoode
1 h 59 min
Release Date
11 December 1997
Adventure, Action, Thriller
A deranged media mogul is staging international incidents to pit the world's superpowers against each other. Now James Bond must take on this evil mastermind in an adrenaline-charged battle to end his reign of terror and prevent global pandemonium.

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