The Warriors

These are the armies of the night.

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Mar 03, 2017

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The Warriors/ was a 1979 gang film that had studio expectations as low as its budget. Yet the film’s unique style, iconography, and treatment of gang life found its audience and is a cult hit to this day. Why is that? Does the film hold up nearly 40 years later? And what are the plans for the remake of this movie? Patrons of Now Playing pledging $10 or more can listen now and find out!

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Movie Details

Individual Movie Reviews
Original Title
The Warriors
The Warriors
Walter Hill
Lawrence Gordon
Michael Beck, James Remar, David Patrick Kelly, Dorsey Wright, David Harris, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, Brian Tyler, Steve James, Tom McKitterick, Marcelino Sanchez, Terry Michos, Roger Hill, Lynne Thigpen, Mercedes Ruehl, John Snyder, Irwin Keyes, Antone Pagán, Sonny Landham, Thomas G. Waites, Johnny Barnes, George Lee Miles, Paul Greco, Iris Klein
1 h 33 min
Release Date
9 February 1979
Action, Thriller
Prominent gang leader Cyrus calls a meeting of New York's gangs to set aside their turf wars and take over the city. At the meeting, a rival leader kills Cyrus, but a Coney Island gang called the Warriors is wrongly blamed for Cyrus' death. Before you know it, the cops and every gangbanger in town is hot on the Warriors' trail.

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