The Thing From Another World

Look out … it’s the Thing

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Oct 14, 2011

Thing From Another World Series Episode 1

John Carpenter’s 1982 movie The Thing, based on John Campbell’s short story “Who Goes There”, is a cult classic. A flop in its day, the film had a renaissance in the 1990s as it was discovered by a new generation of film lovers. With a new installment in The Thing series coming out this month, Stuart, Arnie, and Jakob take a look back at the entire Thing series, starting with this 1951 original adaptation of Campbell’s story–The Thing From Another World. More about Commie Carrots than shape-shifting monsters, the film has been selected for preservation in the National Film Registry for being “culturally significant”. But is it entertaining? Donate to Now Playing to find out!

Explicit: This is an uncensored podcast which may contain strong language and adult content that is not appropriate for all ages

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Movie Details

Thing from Another World
Original Title
The Thing From Another World
The Thing From Another World
Christian Nyby
Howard Hawks
Kenneth Tobey, Margaret Sheridan, Robert Cornthwaite, Douglas Spencer, James Young, Dewey Martin, Robert Nichols, William Self, Nicholas Byron, Eduard Franz, George Fenneman, Paul Frees, Everett Glass, Norbert Schiller, Edmond Breon, John Dierkes, Sally Creighton, William Neff, James Arness, David McMahon
1 h 27 min
Release Date
5 April 1951
Drama, Horror, Science Fiction
Scientists and US Air Force officials fend off a blood-thirsty alien organism while investigating at a remote arctic outpost.

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