The Straight Story

A true story that proves a little determination goes a very, very long way.

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Apr 18, 2017

David Lynch Series Episode 6

The story of the Real Life Lawnmower Man

After the violent, explicit Lost Highway, it seems whiplash-inducing that David Lynch’s next film would be a G-rated family film for Disney. But that’s what The Straight Story is. There are no dancing little people, no time loops, and no murder mysteries. The Straight Story is a story of Alvin Straight, a retired farmer who drives his John Deere lawnmower over 300 miles to see his ailing brother. Is this a Story worth watching? Join the Now Playing hosts to find out!

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David Lynch
David Lynch
1 h 52 min
Release Date
15 October 1999
A retired farmer and widower in his 70s, Alvin Straight learns one day that his distant brother Lyle has suffered a stroke and may not recover. Alvin is determined to make things right with Lyle while he still can, but his brother lives in Wisconsin, while Alvin is stuck in Iowa with no car and no driver's license. Then he hits on the idea of making the trip on his old lawnmower, thus beginning a picturesque and at times deeply spiritual odyssey.

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