The Rock

Alcatraz. Only one man has ever broken out. Now five million lives depend on two men breaking in.

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Apr 19, 2022

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Nic Cage first used his “massive talent” to become an action star in the 1996 Michael Bay extravaganza The Rock. Can his Beatles-loving biochemist teach the original James Bond Sean Connery anything about being cool, as they team up to expel Ed Harris and his terrorists from Alcatraz?  Or will Candyman Tony Todd steal the show by launching a fleet of missiles loaded up with delicious-looking green gumballs of flesh-eating virus?  Listen Now to find out if Stuart, Jakob, or Arnie are ready to cut Cage some friggin’ slack, and let him out of movie jail.


Movie Details

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Original Title
The Rock
The Rock
Michael Bay
Jerry Bruckheimer, Don Simpson
Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris, William Forsythe, David Morse, John Spencer, Michael Biehn, Tony Todd, Gregory Sporleder, Vanessa Marcil, Claire Forlani, John C. McGinley, Bokeem Woodbine, Steve Harris, Greg Collins, Brendan Kelly, Danny Nucci, Celeste Weaver, Todd Louiso, David Bowe, Raquel Krelle, Jim Maniaci, Billy Devlin, Jim Caviezel, Ingo Neuhaus, John Laughlin, Willie Garson, John Enos III, Xander Berkeley, Raymond Cruz, Matthew James Gulbranson, Philip Baker Hall, Pat Skipper, Stuart Wilson, Stanley Anderson, David Marshall Grant, Anthony Clark, Raymond O'Connor, Harry Humphries
2 h 17 min
Release Date
7 June 1996
Action, Adventure, Thriller
FBI chemical warfare expert Stanley Goodspeed is sent on an urgent mission with a former British spy, John Patrick Mason, to stop Gen. Francis X. Hummel from launching chemical weapons on Alcatraz Island into San Francisco. Gen. Hummel demands $100 million in war reparations to be paid to the families of slain servicemen who died on covert operations. After their SEAL team is wiped out, Stanley and John deal with the soldiers on their own.

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