The Return of the Incredible Hulk

Beauty's Fate Is In the Hands of the Beast!

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Mar 02, 2012

Hulk Series Episode 2

If Mr. Feeny is killing Julie, Cory and Topanga better watch their step!

In November 1977, The Incredible Hulk premiered on CBS. But just a few weeks later, a second pilot movie aired to gauge audience reception to the now-famous Incredible Hulk formula. David Banner, on the run and searching for a cure, stumbles into a murder plot. Julie’s stepmother and doctor are slowly poisoning the girl. Can David and old coot Michael save the girl? With such future TV stars as William Daniels (voice of KITT on Knight Rider) and Gerald McRaney (Major Dad), is this an Incredible series launch? Listen to Jakob, Arnie, and Stuart’s review to find out!

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Movie Details

Marvel Comics
Comic Book Movies
Avengers - Some Assembly Required
Alan J. Levi
1 h 35 min
Release Date
27 November 1977
TV Movie, Action, Drama, Science Fiction
On the run and presumed dead by the authorities, David Banner, using the name 'Benton', continues in his efforts to find a cure. He accidentally finds himself in the middle of a plot to kill a young, crippled girl so her unscrupulous relatives can inherit the family fortune.

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