The Man with the Golden Gun

The man with the golden gun is ready to assassinate James Bond.

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Sep 04, 2012

James Bond Series Episode 10

Da Podcast! Da Podcast!

For Roger Moore’s second Bond film every attempt was made to recapture the magic of Goldfinger. With the return of Goldfinger’s director Guy Hamilton, another character carrying a golden pistol, and a plot full of twists and turns, it certainly seems like all the right ingredients were brought together. Add in classic Hammer horror icon Christopher Lee as a master assassin aided by diminutive aide Nick Nack, did this film live up to Bond’s gold standard? Listen to Stuart, Arnie, and Brock to find out!

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Movie Details

James Bond
Original Title
The Man with the Golden Gun
The Man with the Golden Gun
Guy Hamilton
Albert R. Broccoli, Harry Saltzman, Charles Orme
Roger Moore, Christopher Lee, Britt Ekland, Maud Adams, Hervé Villechaize, Clifton James, Richard Loo, Soon-Tek Oh, Marc Lawrence, Bernard Lee, Lois Maxwell, Marne Maitland, Desmond Llewelyn, James Cossins, Yao Lin Chen, Carmen du Sautoy, Francoise Therry, Yuen Qiu, Joie Vejjajiva, Nikki Van der Zyl
2 h 05 min
Release Date
1 December 1974
Adventure, Action, Thriller
Cool government operative James Bond searches for a stolen invention that can turn the sun's heat into a destructive weapon. He soon crosses paths with the menacing Francisco Scaramanga, a hitman so skilled he has a seven-figure working fee. Bond then joins forces with the swimsuit-clad Mary Goodnight, and together they track Scaramanga to a tropical isle hideout where the killer-for-hire lures the slick spy into a deadly maze for a final duel.

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