The Golden Child

Eddie Murphy is the chosen one.

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Sep 08, 2011

You, supporters of Now Playing, are the chosen ones! And now you can finally hear this bonus review of The Golden Child that Arnie, Stuart, and Brock reviewed in September, 2011.

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Movie Details

Michael Ritchie
1 h 34 min
Release Date
12 December 1986
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery
After a Tibetan boy, the mystical Golden Child, is kidnapped by the evil Sardo Numspa, humankind's fate hangs in the balance. On the other side of the world in Los Angeles, the priestess Kee Nang seeks the Chosen One, who will save the boy from death. When Nang sees social worker Chandler Jarrell on television discussing his ability to find missing children, she solicits his expertise, despite his skepticism over being "chosen."

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