The Bride of Frankenstein

The monster demands a mate!

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Jan 09, 2024

Universal Pictures’ Frankenstein Series Episode 2

Wedding Crashers

Elsa Lanchester dons the most famous beehive hairdo in movie history to walk down the aisle with Boris Karloff in The Bride of Frankenstein. Can director James Whale marry his campy sense of humor with the unused parts of Mary Shelley’s darkly philosophical novel and create an even more outrageous 1935 sequel?  And will the Monster finally give a piece of his mind to the madman who made him now that he’s gained the ability to talk?  Stuart, Arnie, and Jakob request your attendance as they discuss one of cinema’s most unholy unions. Listen Now!



Movie Details

James Whale
1 h 15 min
Release Date
20 April 1935
Horror, Science Fiction
After recovering from injuries sustained in the mob attack upon himself and his creation, Dr. Frankenstein falls under the control of his former mentor, Dr. Pretorius, who insists the now-chastened doctor resume his experiments in creating new life. Meanwhile, the Monster remains on the run from those who wish to destroy him without understanding that his intentions are generally good despite his lack of socialization and self-control.

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