The Addams Family

Weird Is Relative

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Sep 02, 2022

The Addams Family Series Episode 2

Double the Fester, Double the Fun

Raul Julia and Anjelica Houston invite crooks and movie audiences back into The Addams Family home for a big budget 1991 box office blockbuster.  Is Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future) pulling their chain or actually their long lost relative Uncle Fester?  And if Wednesday’s child is full of woe, why is Christina Ricci such a delight as the morbid Addams daughter out to expose the deception?  Brock, Arnie, and Stuart are on hand to assess the fortune made by Barry Sonnenfeld (Men In Black) in his directorial debut when you Donate for Silver this Fall.

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Movie Details

Addams Family
Original Title
The Addams Family
The Addams Family
Barry Sonnenfeld
Scott Rudin
Raúl Juliá, Anjelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd, Christina Ricci, Carel Struycken, Dan Hedaya, Jimmy Workman, Elizabeth Wilson, Dana Ivey, Judith Malina, Paul Benedict, Christopher Hart, John Franklin, Tony Azito, Mercedes McNab, Douglas Brian Martin, Steven M. Martin, Maureen Sue Levin, Darlene Levin, Allegra Kent, Richard Korthaze, Ryan Holihan, Kate McGregor-Stewart, Lela Ivey, Whit Hertford, Patty Maloney, Victoria Hall, Jimmy Ross, Ryan Anderson, Daniel Pikus, Michael Hittesdorf, Valerie C. Walker, Joe Zimmerman, Steve Welles, Eugene Jackson, Richard Tanner, Marc Shaiman, Jonathan Wee, Owen Morse, Sally Jessy Raphael, Benny Wills, Lauren Walker
1 h 42 min
Release Date
22 November 1991
Comedy, Fantasy
When a man claiming to be long-lost Uncle Fester reappears after 25 years lost, the family plans a celebration to wake the dead. But the kids barely have time to warm up the electric chair before Morticia begins to suspect Fester is fraud when he can't recall any of the details of Fester's life.

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