Teen Titans GO! To the Movies

The superhero movie to end all superhero movies. Hopefully.

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Aug 07, 2018

Teen Titans Series Episode 1

Booyah! Our Teen Titans review is online!

Robin is tired of being Batman’s sidekick, so he and the other Teen Titans are taking their hit Cartoon Network show To The Movies. Trouble is, Hollywood still doesn’t consider the Boy Wonder, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, or Beast Boy to be big screen stars. Does picking a fight with Slade, a “Deadpool rip-off” voiced by Will Arnett, help their box office? And will listeners catch Jakob, Arnie, and Stuart singing along with these goofsters as they crack an egg on the DC Universe? The answers aren’t on the usual Bat Channel. Go! to Now Playing to find out!

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Movie Details

DC Comics Series
Comic Book Movies
Teen Titans
Aaron Horvath, Peter Rida Michail
1 h 25 min
Release Date
27 July 2018
Animation, Action, Comedy, Science Fiction
All the major DC superheroes are starring in their own films, all but the Teen Titans, so Robin is determined to remedy this situation by getting over his role as a sidekick and becoming a movie star. Thus, with a few madcap ideas and an inspirational song in their hearts, the Teen Titans head to Hollywood to fulfill their dreams.

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