You'll Believe a Man Can Fly!

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Apr 16, 2013

Superman Series Episode 2

You will believe a man can podcast!

In 1978 director Richard Donner and a team of cutting-edge optical effects artists made audiences believe a man could fly.  Perhaps even more impressive, though, is that stars Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, and Marlon Brando were able to bring such performances that adults and children watched a man convincingly and unironically wear a blue spandex unitard.  But when Superman took to the screen there was no unintentional laughter, just a generation held in thrall as they watched the first big-budget superhero film–a movie to which all superhero films to this day are still compared.  Do Now Playing movie reviews Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart still believe the film flies as high?  Listen to this week’s podcast to find out!

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Movie Details

DC Comics Series
Comic Book Movies
Richard Donner
2 h 23 min
Release Date
13 December 1978
Science Fiction, Action, Adventure
Mild-mannered Clark Kent works as a reporter at the Daily Planet alongside his crush, Lois Lane. Clark must summon his superhero alter-ego when the nefarious Lex Luthor launches a plan to take over the world.

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