Super 8

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Jun 29, 2015

If you didn’t pledge, you won’t know what’s in the train OR the podcast!

Star Trek, Mission Impossible, and Star Wars director J.J. Abrams has made his feature film directing career by updating film and television classics for the 21st Century.  Among those sequels, Super 8, stands alone as Abrams’ only original film, but how original is it?  The 2011 film about an alien stuck on Earth is a homage to the early films of Super 8 producer Steven Spielberg.  Can this film recapture the magic of E.T., Jaws, and Jurassic Park?  Those who chose this podcast as their reward for the 2015 Kickstarter campaign are the only ones who could listen and find out!

This podcast is not available for general download. It was made as a “thank you” reward for supporters of Now Playing Podcast’s Kickstarter campaign to publish the book: Underrated Movies We Recommend.


Movie Details

Kickstarter Bonus
J.J. Abrams
1 h 52 min
Release Date
8 June 2011
Thriller, Science Fiction, Mystery
In 1979 Ohio, several youngsters are making a zombie movie with a Super-8 camera. In the midst of filming, the friends witness a horrifying train derailment and are lucky to escape with their lives. They soon discover that the catastrophe was no accident, as a series of unexplained events and disappearances soon follows. Deputy Jackson Lamb, the father of one of the kids, searches for the terrifying truth behind the crash.

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