Speed 2: Cruise Control

Rush hour hits the water.

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Jul 09, 2024

Speed Series Episode 2

My Heart Will Go On (but my franchise won’t)

Sandra Bullock does her best to keep a Caribbean vacation liner afloat after leech-covered psycho Willem Dafoe wires her boat to Speed 2 collision with an oil tanker in this infamous 1997 sequel. Does director Jan De Bont jump a shark trying to engage Cruise Control and sail this doomed voyage into familiar commercial waters?  And did the mega-expensive production hit the metaphorical iceberg the moment it recast fun-loving action dude Keanu Reeves with sullen Lost Boy Jason Patric?  Get back on the bus with Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart to find out now!


Movie Details

Jan de Bont
2 h 05 min
Release Date
13 June 1997
Action, Adventure, Thriller
A disgruntled former employee hijacks the Seabourn Legend cruise liner. Set on a fixed course, without any means of communication and at the mercy of the hijacker, it's up to the one cop on vacation, and his soon to be fiancé (hopefully) Annie, to regain control of it before it kills the passengers and causes an environmental disaster. Insurmountable and daunting tasks awaits them on their perilous journey throughout the ship trying to fend off the hijacker and save the passengers.

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