Son of Frankenstein

The black shadows of the past bred this half-man . . . half-demon ! . . . creating a new and terrible juggernaut of destruction !

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Jan 16, 2024

Universal Pictures’ Frankenstein Series Episode 3

Well, that’s one way to break a hung jury!

Boris Karloff ends his run as a Universal Monster by getting the Son of Frankenstein to perfect the electrical waves powering his reanimated body. But can the operation be considered a success if the green guy continues to leave a trail of corpses in his wake? And has Bela Lugosi become the real monster of the franchise as new assistant Ygor, despite doing nothing more sinister than playing encouraging flute tunes for his oversized friend?  Listen Now as Stuart, Jakob, and Arnie debate whether this 1939 sequel restores honor to the Frankenstein name.


Movie Details

Rowland V. Lee
1 h 39 min
Release Date
13 January 1939
Horror, Science Fiction
One of the sons of late Dr. Henry Frankenstein finds his father's ghoulish creation in a coma and revives him, only to find out the monster is controlled by Ygor who is bent on revenge.

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