Silver Bullet

It started in May. In a small town. And every month after that whenever the moon was full... it came back.

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Feb 28, 2017

Stephen King Series

Does this King werewolf movie have bite, or does it just bite?

In the 1970s Stephen King gave his version of a vampire tale with ‘Salem’s Lot/. In the ’80s he wrote another classic horror monster story. The novella was called “The Cycle of the Werewolf”, but the film was called Silver Bullet/. Does a pre-Lost Boys/ Corey Haim stand a chance against a rampaging werewolf? And who’s scarier, the wolf or Gary Busey? Join the Now Playing hosts to find out!

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Movie Details

Stephen King
Original Title
Silver Bullet
Silver Bullet
Daniel Attias
Dino De Laurentiis, Martha De Laurentiis
Gary Busey, Everett McGill, Tovah Feldshuh, Megan Follows, Corey Haim, Terry O'Quinn, Robin Groves, Leon Russom, Bill Smitrovich, Joe Wright, Kent Broadhurst, Heather Simmons, James A. Baffico, Rebecca Fleming, Lawrence Tierney, William Newman, Sam Stoneburner, Laurens Moore, Rick Pasotto, Cassidy Eckert, Wendy Walker, Michael Lague, Myra Mailloux, William Brown, Herb Harton, David Hart, Graham Smith, Paul Butler, Crystal Field, Julius LeFlore, Roxanne Aalam, Pearl Jones, Ish Jones Jr., Steven White, Conrad McLaren, James Gammon, Laura Warner
1 h 35 min
Release Date
10 October 1985
The small city of Tarker's Mill is startled by a series of sadistic murders. The population fears that this is the work of a maniac. During a search a mysterious, hairy creature is observed. This strange appearance is noticed once a month. People lock themselves up at night, but there's one boy who's still outside, he's preparing the barbecue.

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