Silver Bullet

It started in May. In a small town. And every month after that whenever the moon was full... it came back.

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Feb 28, 2017

Stephen King Series

Does this King werewolf movie have bite, or does it just bite?

In the 1970s Stephen King gave his version of a vampire tale with ‘Salem’s Lot/. In the ’80s he wrote another classic horror monster story. The novella was called “The Cycle of the Werewolf”, but the film was called Silver Bullet/. Does a pre-Lost Boys/ Corey Haim stand a chance against a rampaging werewolf? And who’s scarier, the wolf or Gary Busey? Join the Now Playing hosts to find out!

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Movie Details

Stephen King
Daniel Attias
1 h 35 min
Release Date
10 October 1985
The small city of Tarker's Mill is startled by a series of sadistic murders. The population fears that this is the work of a maniac. During a search a mysterious, hairy creature is observed. This strange appearance is noticed once a month. People lock themselves up at night, but there's one boy who's still outside, he's preparing the barbecue.

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