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Oct 16, 2018

Video Game Series

I hate video games!

Notorious filmmaker Uwe Boll has gone Postal – firing back at his many critics with a raunchy adaptation of one of the most offensive video games ever made. Can one unlucky Dude with a shotgun (Zack Ward) stop a Taliban plot to spread bird flu, and earn the respect of his trailer park? Or will he simply kill his cheating wife, cult leader uncle (David Foley), a corrupt cop, that rude lady at the welfare office, and Uwe Boll himself playing the owner of a Nazi-themed amusement park? Find out if Now Playing can make peace with it all when you listen now!

Explicit: This is an uncensored podcast which may contain strong language and adult content that is not appropriate for all ages.

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Movie Details

Video Game Series
Original Title
Uwe Boll
Uwe Boll
Zack Ward, Dave Foley, Chris Coppola, J.K. Simmons, Michael Benyaer, Jackie Tohn, Erick Avari, Ralf Moeller, Chris Spencer, Seymour Cassel, David Huddleston, Verne Troyer, Uwe Boll, Vince Desiderio, Larry Thomas, Michaela Mann, Melanie Papalia, Lorielle New, Michael Paré, Lindsay Hollister, Brent Mendenhall, Rick Hoffman, Holly Eglinton, Lucie Guest, Carrie Genzel, Daniel Boileau, Heather Feeney, Paulino Nunes, Merik Tadros, Julia Sandberg Hansson, Michael Antonakos, Jodie Stewart, Bill Mondy, Samir El Sharkawi, Jason Emanuel, Geoff Gustafson, Colin Foo, Steffen Mennekes, Reese Alexander, Tony Alcantar, Michael Robinson
1 h 40 min
Release Date
11 August 2007
Action, Comedy
The story begins with a regular Joe who tries desperately to seek employment, but embarks on a violent rampage when he teams up with cult leader Uncle Dave. Their first act is to heist an amusement park, only to learn that the Taliban are planning the same heist as well. Chaos ensues, and now the Postal Dude must not only take on terrorists but also political figures.

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