Paranormal Activity

What Happens When You Sleep?

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Nov 19, 2021

Paranormal Activity Series Episode 1

The Light Switch Project

A San Diego couple buy a video camera to document the Paranormal Activity visiting their bedroom late at night, and end up making the most profitable horror movie of all time.  How did raw footage of creaking floorboards and slight door movements scare the bejesus out of audiences steeped in the graphic imagery of torture porn?  And can Jakob, Stuart, and Arnie find any clues revealing the identity of this demon supposedly hiding in the dark? The lights come up on a highly requested series when you Donate for Gold Level this Fall.

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Movie Details

Paranormal Activity
Original Title
Paranormal Activity
Paranormal Activity
Oren Peli
Jason Blum, Oren Peli, Amir Zbeda
Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat, Mark Fredrichs, Amber Armstrong, Ashley Palmer, Crystal Cartwright, Spencer Marks, Randy McDowell, James Piper
1 h 26 min
Release Date
14 September 2007
Horror, Mystery
After a young, middle-class couple moves into what seems like a typical suburban house, they become increasingly disturbed by a presence that may or may not be demonic but is certainly the most active in the middle of the night. Followed by five terrifying installments in the franchise, this is the original found-footage shocker that started it all.

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