Mission: Impossible III

The Mission Begins 05:05:06.

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Jul 14, 2015

Mission: Impossible Series Episode 3

The most morbid Felicity episode ever!

IMF agent Ethan Hunt has had enough combat.  He wants to settle down, get married, and train new agents instead of going in the field himself.  But when his star pupil is captured by a ruthless arms dealer Hunt gathers a new crew for another globetrotting mission.  Should you choose to accept this third impossible mission?  Join Stuart, Jakob, and Arnie to find out!

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Movie Details

Mission: Impossible
J.J. Abrams
2 h 06 min
Release Date
3 May 2006
Adventure, Action, Thriller
Retired from active duty to train new IMF agents, Ethan Hunt is called back into action to confront sadistic arms dealer, Owen Davian. Hunt must try to protect his girlfriend while working with his new team to complete the mission.

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