Miami Vice

I'm a Fiend For Mojitos

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Sep 13, 2019

Time is luck (so feel blessed you live in an era without pastel sports coats or Don Johnson)

Over 30 years after debuting on NBC television, Miami Vice is reinvented by co-creator Michael Mann as a splashy 2006 summer movie starring Oscar winner Jamie Foxx and mustachioed Colin Farrell. The fashions may have changed, but can Crockett and Tubbs preserve the series’ distinctive sense of cool as they go undercover and infiltrate a smuggling ring that takes them far beyond city limits to Haiti, Cuba, and Columbia? Join your pals Jakob, Arnie, and Stuart in the go-fast boat when you become a Now Playing Patron!

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Original Title
Miami Vice
Miami Vice
Michael Mann
Michael Mann, Pieter Jan Brugge
Michael Mann, Anthony Yerkovich
Jamie Foxx, Colin Farrell, Gong Li, Naomie Harris, Ciarán Hinds, Justin Theroux, Barry Shabaka Henley, Luis Tosar, John Ortiz, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Domenick Lombardozzi, Eddie Marsan, Isaach De Bankolé, John Hawkes, Tom Towles, Mario Ernesto Sánchez, Frankie J. Allison, Tony Curran, Stephan Jones, Rob Larson, Don Frye, Maxim Danilov, Pasha D. Lychnikoff, Ana Cristina Oliveira, Everlayn Borges, Juanita Billue, Patrick Michael Buckley, Marc Macaulay, Mike Pniewski, Vivienne Sendaydiego, Richard Katanga, Dexter Fletcher, Oleg Taktarov, Alexander Rafalski, Ilan Krigsfeld, Juliana Guedes, James Maurice Rowan Jr., Deborah Demere, Abdel Tornes, Maria Leon, Kenny Acevedo, Julia Yarbrough, Ryan M. Phillips, Amir Aviram, Julia Perevedentseva, Gilbert Quintana, Eboni Nichols, Donald Dowd, Paul Aldanée, Alexander Alonso, Jay Amor, Ryan Anthony, Chris Astoyan, Ashley Avis, Brad Batchelor, Eric Bendross, Arthur Bergman, Robert Berson, Tara Cardinal, Michelle Chin, Hailey Hansard, Stephane Kay, Claudine Oriol, Danny Pardo, Pablo Patlis, Nathan Russell, Taso N. Stavrakis, Lorenzo Toledo, Jon Tomlinson, Joe Vida, Breven Angaelica Warren, Wendy Wells-Gunkel, David Yuzuk, Julia Zgoda
2 h 12 min
Release Date
27 July 2006
Action, Crime, Thriller
A case involving drug lords and murder in South Florida takes a personal turn for undercover detectives Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs. Unorthodox Crockett gets involved romantically with the Chinese-Cuban wife of a trafficker of arms and drugs, while Tubbs deals with an assault on those he loves.

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