It Follows

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Nov 03, 2015

No, it’s not about Twitter trolls…

It’s a long-standing horror movie trope: teens who have sex are murdered. Friday the 13th, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and dozens more films followed this pattern…but no film has made it as literal as It Follows. “It” is a supernatural creature that is passed through sex. When “It” is after you, your only escape is to pass it on by having sex with someone else.

Yet It Follows is not a morality tale; the director takes this concept to new and frightening places.
So should you watch It? Join Stuart, Jakob, and Arnie to find out!

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Movie Details

Individual Movie Reviews
David Robert Mitchell
1 h 41 min
Release Date
4 February 2015
Horror, Mystery
After carefree teenager Jay sleeps with her new boyfriend, Hugh, for the first time, she learns that she is the latest recipient of a fatal curse that is passed from victim to victim via sexual intercourse. Death, Jay learns, will creep inexorably toward her as either a friend or a stranger. Jay's friends don't believe her seemingly paranoid ravings, until they too begin to see the phantom assassins and band together to help her flee or defend herself.

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