Invaders from Mars (1986)

Their conquest has already begun. . . . He knows they’re here.

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May 20, 2016

Sci-Fi Summer of 1986 Series Episode 2

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In 1986 the director of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Poltergeist teamed up with the screenwriter of Alien and Return of the Living Dead to make a…children’s sci-fi film! That project was Invaders from Mars, a remake of the ’50s red scare movie of the same name. Do the creatures by Star Wars’ Stan Winston and John Dykstra upgrade this film for the ’80s, or is this film just a bad dream? You can find out if you donate to Now Playing and support the shows we do week after week!

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Movie Details

Sci-Fi Summer of 1986
Original Title
Invaders from Mars
Invaders from Mars
Tobe Hooper
Menahem Golan, Yoram Globus
Hunter Carson, Karen Black, Timothy Bottoms, Laraine Newman, James Karen, Bud Cort, Louise Fletcher, Eric Pierpoint, Christopher Allport, Virginya Keehne, Kenneth Kimmins, Charlie Dell, Chris Hebert, Mason Nupuf, William Frankfather, Debra Berger, Eddy Donno, Mark Giardino, Donald Hotton, Jimmy Hunt, William Bassett, Dale Dye, Scott Leva, Steven Lambert, Debbie Lee Carrington, Tony Cox, Sal Fondacaro, Randall Wulff
1 h 40 min
Release Date
1 January 1986
Mystery, Science Fiction, Horror, Adventure, Family
In this remake of the classic 50s SF tale, a boy tries to stop an invasion of his town by aliens who take over the the minds of his parents, his least-liked schoolteacher and other townspeople. With the aid of the school nurse the boy enlists the aid of the U.S. Marines.

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