Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

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Dec 27, 2022

Knives Out Series Episode 2

People who live in glass onions shouldn’t throw murder parties

Daniel Craig is back as the famed Knives Out detective Benoit Blanc, crashing the private Greek isle of billionaire Edward Norton (Fight Club) to see which of his “disruptor” friends is planning to put him in a glass coffin.  Will the killer turn out to be canceled starlet Kate Hudson with the crossbow at the Infinity Pool?  Maybe Men’s Rights influencer Dave Bautista with the wrench on Twitch?  Or is ex-wife Janelle Monae out to shatter the illusion of a cordial uncoupling? Join Justin, Stuart, and Arnie as they put the pieces of this Glass Onion together.


Movie Details

Knives Out
Rian Johnson
2 h 19 min
Release Date
23 November 2022
Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Detective Benoit Blanc travels to Greece to peel back the layers of a mystery involving a new cast of suspects.

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