Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Discover the secret of the Surfer.

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Jul 11, 2007

This was an early Now Playing review, shorter and spoiler-free. It was not intended to be part of our Fantastic Four Retrospective.

It’s Reviewin’ Time!

Fantastic Four came out two years ago and surprised nobody except the box office pundits. It was silly, it was campy, it was a hit! Now the FF are back and they bring along the Silver Surfer (voiced by Lawrence Fishburn), the herald of Galactus. Is it up to par with the original or, perhaps, better?

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Movie Details

Marvel Comics
Comic Book Movies
Fantastic Four
Tim Story
1 h 32 min
Release Date
13 June 2007
Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Thriller
The Fantastic Four return to the big screen as a new and all powerful enemy threatens the Earth. The seemingly unstoppable 'Silver Surfer', but all is not what it seems and there are old and new enemies that pose a greater threat than the intrepid superheroes realize.

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