Survival is Victory

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Aug 01, 2017

Christopher Nolan Series Episode 7

What’s Nolan got in store this time?

Christopher Nolan’s latest film tells of the English army’s rescue from German assault at Dunkirk. The director is relying on visual spectacle over star power, choosing mostly unknown actors for many of the lead roles. But what can Nolan’s unique film-making and storytelling style add to distinguish Dunkirk from other World War II films? Jump on the boat with Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart to find out!

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Movie Details

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan
1 h 47 min
Release Date
19 July 2017
War, Action, Drama
The story of the miraculous evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain, Canada and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk between May 26th and June 4th 1940 during World War II.

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