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May 16, 2023

Video Game Series

What happens when you teach Critical Wraith Theory

Arnie, Stuart, and Justin are done reviewing video game movies if they can make it through Detention, an award-winning 2019 ghost story that started life as an online 2-D side-scroller. Is a Taiwanese schoolgirl forever damned to relive lessons in torture after falling asleep in class, and waking up hunted by a towering, neck-snapping demon? Or is the real nightmare the historically accurate executions of teachers and students happening over banned books? Take this hall pass and join us for the final Now Playing Arcade installment.  Listen Now!


Movie Details

Video Game Series
John Hsu
1 h 42 min
Release Date
20 September 2019
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Set in Taiwan during the 'White Terror' period of martial law, a high school girl who awakens in an empty school, only to find that her entire community has been abandoned except for one other student. Soon they realize that they have entered a realm filled with vengeful spirits and hungry ghosts.

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