Death Wish V: The Face of Death

No judge. No jury. No appeals. No deals.

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Nov 28, 2017

Death Wish Series Episode 5

I’m too sexy for this sequel.

It was Charles Bronson’s wish to never reprise the role of vigilante Paul Kersey after Death Wish IV. So movie producers found $5 million reasons for the 72 year old actor to star as their Face of Death one last time. This fifth chapter sends Kersey into the underbelly of New York City’s garment district, where the tough guy hunts the cannoli-loving transvestite mobsters who disfigured his clothing designer fiance and stole away his surrogate daughter. Do Jakob, Stuart and Arnie find this fashion forward finale a bad turn on the catwalk, or a fitting end to the Bronson era?  Listen and find out.

Explicit: This is an uncensored podcast which may contain strong language and adult content that is not appropriate for all ages.

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Movie Details

Death Wish
Original Title
Death Wish V: The Face of Death
Death Wish V: The Face of Death
Allan A. Goldstein
Damian Lee
Charles Bronson, Lesley-Anne Down, Michael Parks, Chuck Shamata, Robert Joy, Saul Rubinek, Miguel Sandoval, Kenneth Welsh, Kevin Lund, Lisa Inouye, Erica Fairfield, Jefferson Mappin, Michael Dunston, Claire Rankin, Sharolyn Sparrow, Anna Starnino, Elena Kudaba, Michelle Moffett
1 h 35 min
Release Date
14 January 1994
Action, Crime, Drama
Paul Kersey is back at working vigilante justice when his fiancée, Olivia, has her business threatened by mobsters

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