Death Wish (1974)

Vigilante, city style -- Judge, Jury, and Executioner

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Sep 19, 2017

Death Wish Series Episode 1

Before New York had Giuliani, Paul Kersey was there to clean up the streets!

In 1974 Charles Bronson made his entry in the self-defense/revenge genre with Death Wish. The film is a gritty look at a New Yorker who is pushed to the breaking point by the city’s rampant crime. Based on a novel, is this just another grim exploitation flick, or does it Wish to be something more? Load up with Stuart, Arnie, and Jakob as they begin their series reviewing all the Death Wish films–ending with the Eli Roth/Bruce Willis reboot this November!

Explicit: This is an uncensored podcast which may contain strong language and adult content that is not appropriate for all ages.

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Movie Details

Death Wish
Michael Winner
1 h 33 min
Release Date
24 July 1974
After his wife is murdered by street punks, a pacifistic New York City architect becomes a one-man vigilante squad, prowling the streets for would-be muggers after dark.

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