Death Race 2050

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Apr 16, 2024

Death Race Series Episode 2

Make America Race Again

Roger Corman re-stages his cinematic Death Race a half-century after ruling the drive-ins of the 1970s. But can new Frankenstein Manu Bennett (The Hobbit) keep pace with his 2050 competition, which includes a pugilistic pop star, a religious zealot from Texas, a genetically altered himbo, and an AI-powered driverless car?  And does the fascism of Chairman Malcolm McDowell (Clockwork Orange) resemble the politics of anyone we know in 2017? Strap on your VR helmet and join fast-talking hosts Jakob, Stuart, and Brock to find out now!


Movie Details

Death Race
G.J. Echternkamp
1 h 33 min
Release Date
17 January 2017
Action, Comedy, Science Fiction
The year 2050 the planet has become overpopulated, to help control population the government develops a race. The Death Race. Annually competitors race across the country scoring points for killing people with their vehicles.

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