Death Race 2000

A Cross Country Road Wreck!

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Apr 09, 2024

Death Race Series Episode 1

Road Kill Bill 

David Carradine risks life and limb to become the most celebrated driver of Death Race 2000.  But does this automotive Frankenstein actually score more points with peace-loving rebels once he starts mowing down the folks responsible for this freeway carnage and avoids hitting women and children crossing the post-apocalyptic streets? And how much mileage do Sylvester Stallone (a year before Rocky) and Martin Kove (Karate Kid) add to their careers by taking Roger Corman’s armored go-karts into theaters four years before Mad Max? Find Out Now!


Movie Details

Death Race
Paul Bartel
1 h 20 min
Release Date
30 April 1975
Action, Comedy, Science Fiction
In a boorish future, the government sponsors a popular, but bloody, cross-country race in which points are scored by mowing down pedestrians. Five teams, each comprised of a male and female, compete using cars equipped with deadly weapons. Frankenstein, the mysterious returning champion, has become America's hero, but this time he has a passenger from the underground resistance.

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