Con Air

They were deadly on the ground; Now they have wings

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Jul 14, 2021

Forget Bastille Day–July 14 is Con Air Day!

Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart satisfy their itch to travel somewhere exotic this July by buying tickets aboard Con Air, the raucous 1997 action-comedy that pits Nicolas Cage against John Malkovich and a plane full of hardened criminals.  Will the wrongfully imprisoned Army Ranger make it home in time to celebrate his daughter’s birthday, and watch her pull a dirty, wet bunny out of a box?  And can serial killer Steve Buscemi, arsonist Dave Chappelle, or anyone else in this epic cast of tough guys get away with stealing the spotlight?  Become a July Patron and Find Out!

Explicit: This is an uncensored podcast which may contain strong language and adult content that is not appropriate for all ages.

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Original Title
Con Air
Con Air
Simon West
Jerry Bruckheimer
Nicolas Cage, John Malkovich, John Cusack, Steve Buscemi, Colm Meaney, Mykelti Williamson, Nick Chinlund, Renoly Santiago, Ving Rhames, Dave Chappelle, Rachel Ticotin, Steve Eastin, Danny Trejo, M.C. Gainey, Landry Allbright, Monica Potter, Brendan Kelly, Jesse Borrego, Carl Ciarfalio, Mongo Brownlee, José Zúñiga, Ned Bellamy, John Marshall Jones, John Roselius, Fredric Lehne, Martin McSorley, Dylan Haggerty, Dan Bell, Bob Stephenson, Scott Ditty, Tommy Bush, Lauren Pratt, Steve Hulin, Don Charles McGovern, Angela Featherstone, Doug Hutchison, Jeris Poindexter, David Ramsey, Conrad Goode, Emilio Rivera, Mario Roberts, Ty Granderson Jones, Earl Billings, Greg Collins, Billy Devlin, Mark Ginther, Joseph Patrick Kelly, Jeff Olson, Dawn Bluford, Charlie Paddock, Randee Barnes, Don S. Davis, Barbara Sharma, Thomas Rosales Jr., Eddie Perez, Scott McCoy, Brian Hayes Currie, Ashley Smock, Charles Lynn Frost, Joey Miyashima, Scott Burkholder, Kevin Cooney, Gérard L'Heureux, Pete Antico, John Robotham, Gilbert Rosales, Richard L. Duran, George Randall, Jamie Bozian, Harley Zumbrum, Doug Dearth, David Roberson, Alexandra Balahoutis, Dick 'Skip' Evans, Sheldon Worthington, Robert Taft, Robert White, Chris Ellis, John Campbell, Brian Willems, Bill Cusack, Dabbs Greer, Marco Kyris
1 h 56 min
Release Date
5 June 1997
Action, Thriller, Crime
When the government puts all its rotten criminal eggs in one airborne basket, it's asking for trouble. Before you can say, "Pass the barf bag," the crooks control the plane, led by creepy Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom. Watching his every move is the just-released Cameron Poe, who'd rather reunite with his family.

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