Company of Heroes

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Jul 20, 2021

Video Game Series

WWII strategy video game Company of Heroes moves the battle lines from computer consoles to movie screens with a stealth 2013 cinematic adaptation.  But will Justin, Arnie, or Stuart decorate rising action star Chad Michael Collins, Vinnie Jones, or any of the other B-list actors in this platoon for their efforts in stopping Hitler from getting the nuke?  And who thought it was a good idea to put demoted Tom Sizemore in charge of the Christmas hams?  Find out if “the Good War” makes for a good entry in the Now Playing Arcade when you Listen Now.

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Movie Details

Video Game Series
Original Title
Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes
Don Michael Paul
Jeffery Beach, Phillip J. Roth
David Reed
Tom Sizemore, Chad Michael Collins, Vinnie Jones, Jürgen Prochnow, Dimitri Diatchenko, Melia Kreiling, Richard Sammel, Neal McDonough, Philip Rham, Alastair Mackenzie, Peter Ladjev, Ivo Arakov, Atanas Srebrev, Zara Dimitrova, Hristo Balabanov
1 h 40 min
Release Date
25 February 2013
War, Drama
American soldiers lost behind enemy lines during the WWII make a horrific discovery: Hitler has a super bomb in development. Against all odds, they set out to find the scientist in charge of the program who is looking to defect.

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