November 19, 2016

Kristy Swanson Signed Our ‘Deadly Friend’ DVD and You Could Win It!

Kristy Swanson Signed Our ‘Deadly Friend’ DVD and You Could Win It!
Kristy Swanson signs cover of "Deadly Friend" DVD

Kristy’s autograph on the “Deadly Friend” DVD cover.

We fired a lot of basketballs at “Deadly Friend” during our Fall Donation Series, but Now Playing Podcast will always have love for its star, Kristy Swanson. She’s our first Buffy. She’s Christie Boner. She’s the mannequin in “Mannequin Two!”

Kristy proved she’s also a friend of the show by signing our “Deadly Friend” DVD at Days of the Dead Chicago, and now it could be yours!

Enter to win the signed DVD by going to the Now Playing Podcast forums and leaving a post about one of the 16 films in our Fall Donation Series. Supporters have heard us review all five films in “The Fly” series and our “Horror of ’86” reviews will lead into our “Re-Animator” retrospective before year’s end. Tell us which of the films we’ve covered is your favorite and why, and you could be our winner!

The contest runs through Dec. 31, when our donation series comes to an end, and a winner will be contacted shortly thereafter. You don’t have to be a donor to participate, so don’t miss your chance to win!


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  1. Erik Bolling

    The Fly 86 is my favorite film of the movies you have covered. It terrified me as a kid. David Cronenberg is an amazing director and his body horror truly gets under my skin. Hopefully you will do Videodrome soon!

    My favorite podcast though is the discussion of Deadly Friend. You guys truly had fun with this one. Reminds me of Howard the Duck Podcast! Thank you as always.

    Erik Bolling

  2. paul roche

    Ive been listening to your podcast for years. The first podcast i listened to was the Terminator, then i went back and caught up on the elm street/friday13th retrospectives.

    Ive been listening ever since and you’ve introduced me to some cool movies id have never even thought of watching

    I always look forward to you reviewing bad movies, Howard the duck/texas3d and ghost rider where funny episodes

    Keep up the amazing work

    Much love from the uk

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