May 25, 2023

If You Liked That, You’ll Love This: Redline (2009)

Just like the “Because You Watched…” lane that pops up on your favorite streaming service, Now Playing Podcast wants to help you find the perfect companion flicks. Each week, contributor Chris Bravo brings you fresh recommends that tie in with one of our reviews.

For fans of the latest entry in The Fast and the Furious franchise, this pick might seem an odd choice. A Japanese animated movie set in space, complete with tentacle aliens and giant kaiju? But consider this: are we really that far away from Vin Diesel racing against a giant robotic monster on the moon?

If that description hasn’t turned you off yet, then let me sell you on how awesome and adrenalizing Redline (2009) is. First, the style. This isn’t your typical anime movie. Bold lines, exaggerated motions, stark colors, and whiplash action really emphasize just how fast everything is going. Some of the designs are just freaking cool, especially the aliens. And the music thumps and booms with the best of 90s electronica.

And if you actually liked the racing, car-centric action sequences from the FF franchise, then you’ll love the action in this. The film revolves around a series of intergalactic races between various beings of different species driving their motor vehicles on various planets with no rules whatsoever. Missiles, atomic NOS, and Wacky Races-esque shenanigans fill out the contests. Then there are some of the wackiest, most memorable characters I’ve seen in recent memory. Anime tropes galore, but in the best, silliest of ways.

I don’t think any written description can accurately describe Redline. But if you want some more exhilarating races, and you’re game for some anime absurdity, then you’ll love this one. And I can only dream of the hijinks Vin and his family set in this universe would get up to.

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