July 27, 2022

Everything Coming to Now Playing Podcast In August 2022

Though audiences have returned to movie theaters, the month of August is a bare cupboard compared to the bounty that arrived in May and June. With no new franchise offerings on the big screen, the Now Playing Podcast team is turning to the streaming universe to launch an all-new, loosely-connected but highly anticipated retrospective built around the career of action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The show has previously covered the actor’s Terminator franchise, as well as Schwarzenegger’s turns in films like Batman and Robin and Pumping Iron. Yet, despite a legendary career, there haven’t been too many Schwarzenegger-led sequels. That’s why Now Playing is pulling action hits from the actor’s 80s and 90s run for closer examination, but it kicks off with an Arnold-less sequel to one of his most admired films, Predator.

The new Predator franchise film, Prey, arrives on Hulu August 5 and Now Playing will follow up the movie’s August 16 review with reviews of Commando, Raw Deal, Red Heat, Last Action Hero, True Lies, Eraser, End of Days, The Sixth Day, and Collateral Damage. Though it begins in August, the retrospective will span several months as the hosts make room for fall’s theatrical releases.

Meanwhile, after a taking a couple of Fridays off, Now Playing’s 2022 Fall/Winter Donation Drive begins in late August. This season, the hosts are starting with family-themed monster movies based on classic TV properties. If you’re a fan of the Addams Family or have some curiosity about what Rob Zombie is going to do to The Munsters, you won’t want to miss what the hosts have planned.

Here’s everything coming to Now Playing Podcast in August 2022.

August 2 – Underdog

August 5 – Nope

August 9 – DC League of Super Pets

August 16 – Prey

August 23 – Commando

August 26 – Halloween With the New Addams Family

August 30 – Raw Deal

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